EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus Review

The downside to most portable power generators is that they don’t have the juice to run important appliances you need, while larger units are both expensive and difficult to use when you are off the grid. This EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus review will show you that this mid-size rechargeable power generator with solar charging capabilities is both portable and powerful enough to handle almost any situation. (>>> Check on Amazon)

EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus Review of Specifications:

 EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus
Item Weight17.6 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.4 × 7.3 × 9.3 inches

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The RIVER-series of power generators from EcoFlow all offer outstanding features with top-quality build and construction. The Max Plus is one of the most interesting and unique designs we’ve seen. It’s packed with useful features and it offers an unparalleled user experience with the included app.

Portable Power Features

One of the most important numbers you need to know when looking at a generator is the watt-hours. This is a number that you’ll use to figure out how many hours your devices will run when plugged into the generator. The Max Plus features 720 Wh right out of the box. A detachable battery will drop the watt-hours by half, but also reduces the weight of the generator considerably. This is an ideal solution to the problem of needing lots of power sometimes, but only modest amounts of power at other times.

Fast Recharge with X-Stream

The EcoFLow RIVER Max Plus features X-Stream charging capabilities that allow the unit to be charged from 0-80-percent in only one hour. That is an industry-leading number and one of the most convenient features of any device.

If a noisy recharging generator bothers you, the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus can be set to Quiet Charge mode to significantly reduce fan noise. This is a great feature when the device is recharging in areas where people are sleeping and eliminates one of the most common complaints about rechargeable power generators.


  • More than powerful enough to handle most tasks, with a removable battery to improve portability
  • Ultra-reliable rechargeable power generator


  • Some people had trouble using the app to set the unit up

Solar Recharging

The RIVER Max Plus can accept up to 200 watts of solar energy input to rapidly recharge. The built-in MPPT controller ensures that the unit is using solar energy in the most efficient way possible to speed up recharge times.

Solar panels are not included, but the RIVER Max Plus can accept most types of solar panels using included adapters.

What it Can Power

The RIVER Max Plus is intended to provide up to 600 watts of continuous power, which is enough to run most of your common appliances. When you need more, the rechargeable generator has a setting called X-Boost that will allow the unit to provide up to a rated 1,200 watts. The manufacturer says that it isn’t intended for running a full-size, 110v refrigerator, but many people have done exactly that using the X-Boost setting to start the fridge. Once it starts, the RIVER Max Plus provides enough power to run a regular refrigerator for quite a while.

This unit isn’t going to be powerful enough to run things like an electric heater and may not handle a hair dryer for very long, but it will power about 80-percent of appliances, even a coffee pot which tends to be a tough one for these types of devices. Pound-for-pound, this is one of the most powerful options you’ll find.

Input and Output Port Options

EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus in the box

This rechargeable generator gives you excellent choices for hooking up all kinds of devices, and it gives you multiple options for powering almost anything you want. As far as the inputs, the RIVER Max Plus has connectors for AC wall power, the fastest way to charge it, DC, and solar input.

On the output side, you’ll find three AC outputs that are capable of handling up to 600 watts at once. Each provides pure sine wave electricity so you won’t have to be worried about damaging sensitive equipment or having trouble charging devices.

There are a total of four USB ports. Two are standard USB-A 3.1A ports, one is a USB-A Fast Charge port, while the final one is a USB-C QC 100w port. There are also two 5.5mm 12v outputs.


A rechargeable power generator should be reliable, versatile, and powerful enough to do the job, and that’s what you find with the EcoFlow RIVER Max Plus. This is an excellent choice that does exactly what it says and recharges fast to prevent downtime. (>>> Buy Directly from Ecoflow)