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Most rechargeable power generators take hours to charge which presents a big problem when the power grid is unstable or you are relying on solar power to charge your power station. EcoFlow uses advanced technology to drastically cut the recharge rate, making these portable power solutions ideal for emergency use. This EcoFlow RIVER Plus review will let you know why this is also a great option for camping and outdoor adventures. (>>> Check on Ecoflow)

EcoFlow RIVER Plus Review of Specifications:

 EcoFlow RIVER Plus
Item Weight11.9 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.4 × 7.1 × 7.7 inches
PriceFind on

Small, portable power stations usually lack power and features that you want. With the RIVER-series, you get industry-leading features in a compact package. The RIVER Plus is an excellent option for powering lots of different types of devices and it weighs only 11.9 pounds.

Power Capacity

The EcoFlow RIVER Plus offers 360 watt hours of power and can accept an optional battery that increases the watt-hours up to 720. The ability to double your power without having to buy a different power station makes this design unique and very useful.

The RIVER Plus provides 600 watts of continuous power that will handle most of the important devices you are powering. It has plenty of options for different connections and offers overtemp, overcharge, and over discharge protections to ensure the unit and your devices are safe in case of an accident.

What it Can Really Handle

This power station isn’t designed to handle large appliances and won’t run a lot of power tools, an electric heater, most blenders, or hair dryers. A special setting allows the RIVER Plus to handle devices up to 1,800 watts of surge. That means you can typically fire up the compressor on your refrigerator and it will run for several hours. A properly sealed unit might even run for more than two days.


  • Ideally suited for use in emergencies and on camping trips
  • Optional battery pack allows this to become a powerhouse with ease


  • Costs add up if you want to add solar panels and additional battery pack

Output Options

The EcoFlow RIVER Plus has three AC outputs located on the side of the unit. Each provides pure sine wave power to protect devices. Two 5.5mm ports on the front are for powering 12 volt devices up to 138 watts. The RIVER Plus also features four USB ports on the front panel including a USB-C 100w output and a USB-A Fast Charge port.

X-Stream Charging Capabilities

What makes the RIVER-series special is the X-Stream charging capabilities. Instead of taking hours to slowly charge, the RIVER Plus can be set to rapidly charge from zero to 80-percent in only one hour. A full charge takes only 1.6 hours, so you aren’t going to be praying for the power to stay on while your power station recharges.

The RIVER Plus has a built-in MPPT controller to help regulate and improve charging speeds when using solar power also. It can handle up to 200 watts of input using optional solar panels and it includes the connector for the most popular panels.

Even 12v charging is faster than average. Usually, charging a power station in the car while you drive isn’t practical, but with the RIVER Plus, it’ll top off even on a short drive. The rapid recharge rate makes this rechargeable power station one of the most useful designs on the market today.

Using the EcoFlow App

EcoFlow RIVER Plus

One of our favorite things about the EcoFlow power generators is the specially-designed app. This is a truly unique option that gives you immense control over various settings, including the rapid charge, quiet modes, and lots of other options. It’s easy to use and makes it possible to get custom performance from the generator.


The EcoFlow RIVER Plus is perfectly sized for camping and outdoor adventures. It has enough power to handle important medical devices or to recharge cell phone and drone batteries dozens of times. The app makes the experience unique by letting you adjust the rechargeable power generator to perform the way you want it to.(>>> Buy Directly from Ecoflow)