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Bluetti EP500 Review

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The Bluetti EP500 is designed as a whole-house generator capable of powering any device for days on end. It packs a huge amount of power and the ability to be recharged in the most convenient and rapid methods. It completely replaces the need for a traditional gasoline or diesel generator and replaces it with a sleek, quiet, and odor-free operation.

We will take a look at the features and functions of this massive power generator system so you’ll know whether it suits your needs (>>> Find on Bluettipower).

Bluetti EP500 Review of Specifications:

Bluetti EP500
Item Weight167 lbs
Item Dimensions22.8 x 11.8 x 29.9 inches

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Power Capabilities

The EP500 has an industry-leading 2000 watt power inverter to produce the optimal amount of power for running any appliance or device. The massive 5100 wH LiFePO4 battery ensures that not only will the EP500 run your favorite appliance, it’ll keep it going for hours.

The EP500 uses the latest uninterruptible power supply system so that you can hardwire the EP500 into your home and it will seamlessly take over the power when the grid fails. This technology allows you to keep your computer servers, medical equipment, or pet care devices like fish tanks running even when the power goes out.

Output Options

The main purpose of a power generator this size is going to be powering large appliances. This beast offers four pure sine wave AC ports right on the front panel that let you plug in easily. It provides up to a maximum of 2000 watts of continuous power that lets you run air conditioners, table saws, hair dryers, and medical equipment. There is also a 110v NEMA port.

In addition to the AC ports, you’ll also find five USB ports on the top panel. This includes a USB-C PD port that provides 100 watts of charging power. Also on top of the unit are two wireless charging pads to recharge your compatible smartphones. This means you can charge up to seven devices at once, ensuring that you can charge everyone’s devices.

Lots of valuable devices run on 12v power. The EP500 offers several options for powering 12v devices including a 30a 12v RV port and two 5.5mm ports at 10a each.


  • Ideal solution for powering your house when the grid fails
  • Optimized recharging capabilities make it easy and convenient to recharge


  • Substantial size may be too large for some applications
  • Bulky weight makes it a challenge to move around

Input Options

When it comes time to recharge the EP500, you’ll have several options that can be used alone or in conjunction with one another to get the most out of your time. The AC wall port is the most common way to recharge the device. The unit ships with a 600w charging cable that provides the quickest recharge rate.

Optional solar panels can also be used to recharge the EP500. The best option is that you can also couple the solar charging capabilities with the AC charger to get the EP500 fully charged in the shortest amount of time. It will handle up to 1200 watts of solar input.

Recharge Rates

Using both the 600 watt AC and a full 1200 watts of solar input, the EP500 will recharge from zero to full in less than four hours. Using the AC on its own will require about eight hours to recharge, while the full 1200 watts of solar will require a little less than that.

What We Think

Bluetti EP500

When it comes to a whole-house power solution, the EP500 is a great choice. It has the power to run any appliance or device you can imagine. It can even be worked into the wiring of your home so that if the power grid fails your house will still have electricity. We think this is a great option for a house generator and is probably the optima choice for van life or motorhome options. Check the comparison vs. Ecoflow Delta Pro.


The Bluetti EP500 is a powerhouse generator that you can count on in storms, natural disasters, or any other time when having maximum power is essential. It makes a great choice for someone looking to power an off-grid cabin. The 1200 watts of solar input provides the ability to use and charge this device on most sunny days. There are few downsides to this power generator, so if you are looking for the largest power, this is it (>>> Check on Amazon).