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Ecoflow Delta Pro vs Bluetti EP500

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Portable power stations are convenient for recharging small devices, but they can’t handle the power needs of full-time off-grid or van/RV living. For that, you’ll need a more powerful unit, and the Ecoflow Delta Pro and Bluetti EP500 both fit the bill.

Comparing the Ecoflow Delta Pro vs Bluetti EP500, the Ecoflow Delta Pro is the more versatile option and our top pick for professional uses, smart home integration, and off-grid or vanlife lifestyles (>>> Check on Ecoflow). That said, the higher overall capacity of the Bluetti EP500 makes it a great option for backup or secondary power in a whole home. Check out this full side-by-side to see where each of these power stations excels.

Ecoflow Delta Pro vs Bluetti EP500 Side by Side:

Ecoflow Delta ProBluetti EP500
Item Weight84 lbs167 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches22.8 x 11.8 x 29.9 inches
PriceFind on Ecoflow.com

Check on Amazon

Check on Amazon


The Ecoflow Delta Pro has a capacity of 3,600 watt hours per charge. For context, that’s enough to run a 60-watt mini fridge for more than 50 hours, and can give you 2-3 hours of use from high-powered tools like electric drills and saws, or kitchen equipment like electric ovens and air fryers.

While the Delta Pro is impressive, the Bluetti EP500 nearly doubles that capacity. Its 5,100 watt hours are enough to run a full-sized fridge for 3 days or longer. That makes it an ideal choice as backup power in emergencies.

Higher capacity: Bluetti EP500

Continuous Power Output

While the Bluetti EP500 has more capacity, it can only safely put out about 2,000 watts of power on an ongoing basis, or up to around 4,800 watts during surges. Here, it’s the Ecoflow Delta Pro that takes the lead, supporting 3,600 watts of continuous output and up to 7,200 watts of peak power. This makes it the better choice for simultaneously running high-powered devices.

Higher continuous output: Ecoflow Delta Pro


The wheels on the base of the Bluetti EP500 are great if you’re moving it from room to room on the same floor. Once you need to load it in a vehicle or take it up stairs, though, it’s a different story. At almost 200 pounds, it’s a beast of a power station, and it lacks easy handholds for carrying.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro is about half the weight, at 84 pounds. While that’s still heavier than most will want to carry long distances, the top-mounted handles help with carrying over short distances, and two people can easily get it into and out of vehicles.

More mobile: Ecoflow Delta Pro

Recharging Time

Considering its high capacity, the Bluetti EP500 is relatively quick to recharge. Its dual recharge option helps here, letting you use both AC and solar recharging simultaneously to fill the battery in just 3-4 hours. If you’re using just a wall outlet, however, that goes up to around 9-10 hours.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro is the fastest-charging power station you’re likely to find. It has multiple recharging methods that take less than 2 hours, including EV charging stations, full solar arrays, or wall outlets of 3,000-watts or higher. Even from a lower-power outlet or solar array, that time only goes up to around 3-5 hours.

Faster recharging: Ecoflow Delta Pro

Ecoflow Delta Pro

Ecoflow Delta Pro

The Ecoflow Delta Pro is a great option for RV travel, mobile businesses, emergency preparedness, and off-the-grid living. Its high capacity means it can handle even power-hungry appliances, like full refrigerators or AC units. It’s also an expandable system, letting you double that capacity if you need to. With 5 AC outlets along with a slew of USB and DC options and the capability to link to home electrical panels through the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, it also has the outlet versatility to suit professional or whole-home uses.

You’ll get the same versatility and convenience when it comes to recharging the Ecoflow Delta Pro. It lasts for 6,500 cycles, which means years of dependable power even in high-use situations. There are 5 ways to recharge it, as well, including through a solar panel up to 1600W, which can fully recharge it in as little as 3 hours. It has similarly fast recharging times through EV charging stations or an AC outlet.

At a weight of just over 80 pounds, the Ecoflow Delta Pro is a hefty power station. It’s still convenient to use and control, though. The backlit digital display is easy to read, and you can see more details about the unit’s operation through the EcoFlow app, which also allows users to control the unit remotely.


  • Capable of running high-power appliances
  • 5 recharging methods
  • Fast recharging through AC outlet or EV recharging station
  • Expandable capacity
  • Integrates into home’s circuits with Smart Home Panel
  • Backlit display with more details through connected app
  • Long usable battery life


  • Can be difficult to transport

Bluetti EP500

Bluetti EP500

The Bluetti EP500 is another top choice for backup emergency power, or a solar-power supplement for use around the home. It’s even capable of recharging electric vehicles, and can handle appliances like heaters and AC units with ease. Each of its 4 AC outlets can put out up to 2,000 watts of pure sine wave power, and its massive 5,100 watt hour capacity will keep high-power devices running longer than most stand-alone power stations on the market.

The design of the Bluetti EP500 is also ideal for in-home use or RV-ers. The wheels built in to the base make it much easier to move from room to room, and its slim design is relatively unobtrusive. Its 15 ports give users the outlets they need for any situation and can be used simultaneously. For control, you can use the touch-screen display or connected app.

With its multi-layer battery protection and 6,000+ cycles, the Bluetti EP500 is built to last. It’s relatively fast to recharge, as well, considering the high capacity. Dual MPPT controllers allow for multiple solar panel configurations, dropping the solar recharging time down to as little as 5 hours. You also have the option of recharging through solar power and AC outlet simultaneously, cutting that time down to less than 4 hours. Click here for our more in-depth Bluetti EP500 review.


  • Large capacity for whole-home power
  • Built-in wheels for easier transportation
  • Faster recharging through dual AC/solar power
  • Durable and long-lasting (6,000+ cycles)
  • Robust safety protections and battery management system
  • Multiple control methods, including smart phone app


  • Higher cost
  • To heavy for frequent lifting

The Bottom Line: Ecoflow Delta Pro vs Bluetti EP500

Where and how you’ll use your power station will determine whether the Ecoflow Delta Pro or the Bluetti EP500 is the better option. The low recharge time and higher continuous output of the Ecoflow Delta Pro will make it the better choice for professional uses (>>> Check the current price on Amazon). It also works well in off-grid situations and integrates easily into a home’s circuits. On the other hand, you’ll get more power per charge from the Bluetti EP500, and its durability and advanced protection give users peace of mind.