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VTONCE P302 Review

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Lots of companies out there make portable power generators that can deliver all the power you could ever want. Of course, those products also come with frighteningly high price tags. If you are looking for something small and portable that will charge your laptop or cell phone while camping, hunting, or fishing and you don’t want to spend tons of money, this is a great option. Our VTONCE P302 review will highlight the key features you want to know about to decide if this is the right product for your next adventure (>>> Find on Amazon).

VTONCE P302 Review of Specifications:

Item Weight6.6 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.5 x 5.9 x 8.1 inches
PriceCheck on Amazon

Portability Matters

One of the first and most important things about any power generator is moving that sucker around. Many designs are bulky, heavy, and take up a ton of space. This one isn’t much bigger than a shoe box and weighs only 6.6 pounds making it an ideal candidate for a hike-in weekend trip or a device to take with you when you leave the truck in the parking area. A built-in handle makes carrying the generator comfortable.

Power is Everything

The only purpose in having one of these devices is to be able to reliably power your most important devices. VTONCE knew what they were doing and designed this one to handle as much as 296 watt-hours and a peak output of 600 watts surge power. That’s not a ton of power -you aren’t going to get good performance out of this trying to run a refrigerator or power an electric drill, but it will handle nearly all of your smaller electronics simultaneously with power to spare. Think of this as a more convenient way to charge laptops, drones, and cell phones rather than a way to take kitchen appliances camping.


  • Ideal portable power station for camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking
  • Excellent QC capabilities
  • Great price point


  • Not powerful enough for many appliances

What it Can -and Can’t- Power

Right up front, you’ll notice four AC ports, four DC ports, and four USB ports. Considering the size of this unit, that’s more than enough options. Two of the AC ports are ground-post compatible while two are not. The four DC ports allow you to power things like a shop light or a tire inflator easily. The USB ports are broken up into two USB-C (10w), a USB-QC (18w), and a USB-C (100w) options. This gives you lots of versatility to handle older devices that aren’t compatible with quick charge technology while rapidly recharging QC-enabled devices.

This is a great option for running things like an air pump to inflate a mattress or pool toys, power a shop light or radio, and powering small appliances under 300 watts. It can run a small 12v refrigerator if needed, but this device is geared toward USB charging more than anything else.

Recharging Quickly and Efficiently

These types of devices are great as long as they stay charged. Larger devices often take nearly a full day to recharge using the quickest method, putting you at a disadvantage when charging power is intermittent or non-existent. With the P302, you can choose to charge it using a wall AC plug, USB power, or in your automobile. It is also capable of using optional solar panels to recharge. It can accept up to 240 watts of solar energy using dual 120 watt panels that are sold separately.

Recharge Rates

VTONCE P302 back side

Using the included AC wall charger, you can fully charge the P302 from 0-full in about 3 hours. It will take an 80 percent charge in as little as 2.5 hours, a speed at which few competitors can meet. This is the fastest and easiest way to quickly charge the P302.

Using the 12v port, you can charge this in your car or truck while you are driving in about four hours. Make sure your vehicle is running when you use this method of charging to prevent discharging your car battery.

Solar charging takes the longest and will require around five hours to charge under good conditions. Solar panels are not included in the deal, so you’ll want to order compatible panels to add this ability.

Charging Pass-Through

One feature that few power generators have is the ability to power devices while the unit is charging. This one will do it on AC, DC, or USB -but be advised that pass-through charging puts a lot of stress on the battery and will decrease the lifespan. With an advertised 80,000 mAh, this power generator should last for at least a few years of regular use before the battery loses too much power handling ability.


If you are looking for a way to keep your cell phone charged while camping, this is one of the best options you’ll find. It’s lightweight and easy to carry while packing plenty of power. The obvious downside to this small of a generator is that it won’t handle larger appliances including many medical devices, so it isn’t the best option for everyone. In an emergency, this is a great way to keep your essential equipment powered up (>>> Check on Amazon).