Rockpals 500w Review

Rockpals is one of the best manufacturers of portable power generators. The Rockpals 500 watt generator is an ideal option for taking on camping and fishing trips, for powering Halloween displays, and for making sure that your cell phone battery doesn’t die when the power is out due to weather or other disasters. This Rockpals 500W review will let you know what you need to determine if this compact power generator is right for the tasks you have. (>>> Check on Rockpals)

Rockpals 500w Review of Specifications:

 Rockpals 500w
Item Weight14.33 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.05 x 7.87 x 6.93 inches

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We want to get right to the point here; this is a small power generator. It will power only up to 500 watts at once and it has a run time of only 520 watt-hours. What that means is this device won’t power most appliances and devices that use lots of power. What it can do is power lots of the most useful devices you’ll want to keep powered when you don’t have access to power. For example, the laptop this article is being written on can be recharged several times on a single charge from the Rockpals 500w generator.

Input and Output Ports

Recharging a power generator is the most challenging aspect of these devices. The most efficient way is to use AC wall power to recharge the device, but when that isn’t available, you’ll also have the option of recharging it using a 12 volt plug in your car. If you purchase optional solar panels to recharge the device, the Rockpals generator can accommodate up to a 100 watt panel producing 22 volts at 6 amps.

Recharge Times

Using the AC power to recharge the Rockpals 500W will require about seven to eight hours which is quite a long time considering the small size of the device. SImilarly, the generator will recharge in seven to eight hours using the car charger. Solar recharging takes a bit longer, typically requiring eight to nine hours.

The positive side of the longer charge rate is that it improves the life cycles of the battery to charge it more slowly. This one is rated for approximately 1,000 recharges.


  • Compact power supply for portable devices
  • A great way to get power to places that are a challenge, like lighting displays


  • Won’t power heavy-use devices
  • Unregulated 12v power isn’t appropriate for CPAP machines
  • No information about whether the device provides pure sine wave form AC power

Output Ports

Now, to the good stuff- what you can plug in and power. The small size of this device makes it ideal for recharging smartphones, tablets, laptops, and drone batteries. To that end, there are four USB output ports in all. Two of them are standard 3.1 amp USB-A ports. One of the other ports is a USB-A QC 3.0 port for rapid charging, and the last one is a USB-C rapid charger.

The dual AC ports are useful for powering 110/120v appliances up to a total of 500 watts at once. It can power many small devices and works excellent for powering small fans. One of the best uses for small power generators such as this is for powering lighting displays and animated characters at the holidays.

The four DC output ports are only capable of supplying 120 watts at once and the 12 volt power is unregulated. This makes it difficult to power devices like CPAP machines which require quite a bit of power. For that use, the manufacturer recommends that you use an AC adapter. This is a great way to power small devices like 12v refrigerators and other devices.

Security Features

Like any good power generator, this one includes built-in safety protections to ensure that your devices aren’t damaged when something goes wrong. It has a low and high temperature cut off to prevent freezing and overheating, over charge, over current, and over discharge protections. The fan helps to keep the generator cool and measures between 26 and 28 decibels, which is whisper-quiet.


Rockpals 500w

While this is a small power generator, it’s still pretty hefty. It weighs in at 14.33 pounds even though it is about the size of a shoe box. While it isn’t the heaviest power generator we’ve reviewed, it weighs more than expected. It isn’t too heavy for camping, but it isn’t fun to carry down the trail either.


The Rockpals 500W power generator is an excellent option for charging portable devices when you are off the grid and it works great for decorative setups. It isn’t going to power your household appliances, but it will get you through emergencies with ease. (>>> Find on Rockpals)

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