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Okmo G1000 Review

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Okmo is a company with a mission. They were founded in 2000 in response to a power outage, with the goal of giving people easier access to portable power options. In 2018, a former battery engineer for Apple joined the Okmo team, expanding their operations to Silicon Valley and prompting the development of their latest G series of portable power stations.

In this Okmo G1000 review, we’ll look at the smaller of the two models in Okmo’s G series. Smaller in this case is a relative term, and the G1000 can handle larger appliances like refrigerators along with charging phones, drones, or handheld electronics. This makes it a good option for use around the house as well as outdoor events like barbecues or backyard movie nights. Let’s take a closer look at its features and capabilities so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your home. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Okmo G1000 Review of Specifications:

Okmo G1000
Item Weight24 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxHNo data

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The Okmo G1000 weighs 24 pounds, which is light enough for most people to carry comfortably over short distances. The built-in handles on the sides help with this, too, and have a good depth to accommodate your fingers, making it easy to get a firm grip. It’s also relatively compact, small enough to store easily on a shelf or pack into your car trunk alongside other gear. This makes it a great choice for drive-up camp sites, RVs, or tailgating, along with emergency preparedness around the home.

For wilderness campers or other folks who need a power station they can carry with them, the G1000 is likely bulkier than you want. Carrying it is a two-hand job, and while it will fit in many duffle bags or larger backpacks, there are lighter power packs out there that are a better choice for these types of excursions.


  • Portable enough for many outdoor uses
  • High capacity
  • Capable of running high-wattage devices
  • Pure sine wave AC outlets
  • Fast recharging through solar panels
  • Intelligent Battery Management System
  • Good range of ports for a variety of devices


  • A bit heavy and large for carrying long distances
  • Long recharging time through car or wall outlets

Power Output

The Okmo G1000 has a capacity of 1,110 watt hours. In context, that’s enough to charge a smartphone about 100 times, or 8 charges for larger electronics like laptops. When it comes to running devices, it’ll keep a 60-watt mini fridge or CPAP device powered for about 17 hours, and gives you 1-2 hours of running time for more power-hungry devices, like coffee makers and other kitchen appliances.

There are 10 total output ports on the G1000. This includes 3 pure sine wave AC outlets and 3 DC out ports (1 car charger plug and 2 standard 5.5mm jacks). There are also a variety of USB options, with 2 standard USB ports, a USB-C port with dual input/output function, and a fast-charging USB 3.0 port, helpful when you need to power up your phone fast in emergency situations.

At any given time, the G1000 can put out a continuous load of 1,000 watts, which gives you a lot of versatility for how to use the outlets. That’s plenty to charge multiple electronics at the same time. It’s also enough to power the majority of household items, even full-sized refrigerators or microwaves (though it won’t be able to power these items for too long before you need to recharge it).


Okmo G1000

There are 4 methods for recharging the Okmo G1000: a wall outlet, a car charging port, a 60-watt USB-C charger, or solar panels. This power station is designed to work with Okmo’s OS100 100-watt solar panel, and if you know you plan to use this method you can buy a bundle that includes 1 or 2 solar panels with the power station.

The G1000 uses advanced MPPT technology to manage the power generated by solar panels, and this is the most efficient way to recharge the power station. Using two 100-watt panels, you can fully recharge the G1000 in about 6 hours in ideal conditions.

While the USB-C port gives a fast charge to devices when used as an output, as an input it’s on par with the AC outlet or car charger options. Fully recharging the power station can take up to 10-11 hours through these methods, something to keep in mind if you plan to use the power station on a road trip or other multi-day excursion.

Okmo G1000 Review In Summary

For many users, the Okmo G1000 strikes the perfect balance of power, portability, and value. It’s small enough for one person to move around while still having the capacity for multiple electronics or larger appliances, all at a reasonable price. (>>> Buy directly from OKMO)