Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Review

Jackery is one of the industry leaders in solar power generators. This package includes everything you’ll need to get started powering your favorite tools and devices while off the grid. The package includes the Jackery Explorer 1500 and four 100 watt folding solar panels that allow the device to rapidly recharge without plugging into the wall power. This Jackery solar generator 1500 review will explore the features and functions of this excellent package. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Review of Specifications:

 Jackery Solar Generator 1500
Solar Panels Wattage4 x 100Watts

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This is a complete package that gets you up and running without the need to spend countless hours searching for compatible components and wasting time trying to decide what the best options may be. Let’s start by taking a look at the main piece, the Jackery Explorer 1500. Next, we will explain how the solar panels work to create an off-grid power station you can depend on.

Jackery Explorer 1500

The Jackery Explorer 1500 is a compact high-power rechargeable power station that offers 1,534 watt-hours of power and up to 1,800 watts of continuous power at max levels. This is enough juice to power most appliances and power tools, with enough energy to charge cell phones, drone batteries, and dozens of other small devices.

AC Power

The Jackery Explorer offers three AC output ports that provide power to your favorite appliances and tools. It’ll give you enough power for things like a printer, a refrigerator, even a power saw. While it will power almost all devices, the run time for some will be rather short. Devices like a space heater that run at 1,500 watts will only be powered for a few hours, but this is going to be an issue with almost every rechargeable device on the planet. In emergencies, an electric blanket may be a better solution than a space heater.

With that said, users have tested this device and shown that it will power a refrigerator for several days. Most appliances can be used efficiently, but devices that run continuously are going to rapidly zap the power levels.


  • Complete package that includes everything you’ll need to get started
  • Fast charging capabilities that actually work
  • Plenty of power for the most common devices


  • Quite large and heavy, so may not be appropriate for hiking and portability

DC Power

The Explorer 1500 offers several options for powering DC devices. The main way is to use the dual 5.5 mm outputs. These are ideal for powering a 12v refrigerator, a tire pump, and other similar devices. There is also an included 12v ACC port that works great for things like a portable radio or a shop light.

USB Power

These days, most of your favorite devices are probably powered by USB. The Jackery Explorer offers the most complete options for powering USB devices. You’ll find a standard USB-A port that provides 2.4 amps of power, a USB-C PD 60w port, and a USB-A QC 3.0 port offering up to 3 amps of charging power.

Recharging Options

Jackery Solar Generator 1500

Recharging the Jackery Explorer 1500 is simple and you have several options available. The primary and most efficient way to recharge this power  generator is to use standard AC power. It will quickly charge to 80-percent in just four hours using the included AC power charger.

While AC charging is the most accessible way to accomplish a full recharge, this package is intended for use with the packaged solar panels. When using the four panels included, you can charge this power generator in only 4 hours.

You can also recharge this unit using DC power while you drive. It is somewhat slower using this method and will take approximately 6 hours to recharge the unit, but it is also a great option when you are traveling to your favorite hunting or fishing spot for a weekend camping trip.

SolarSaga Solar Panels

This kit includes four of Jackery’s SolarSaga solar panels that are specifically designed to work with maximum efficiency when coupled with the Jackery 1500. When correctly connected tot he device, you’ll get a full charge in as little as four hours, depending on the weather conditions in your area. While many options out there boast about solar recharging capabilities, real-world users tell us that the SolarSaga panel sets actually work very well, even in less than ideal conditions.


The Jackery Solar Generator 1500 package is an ideal way to get started with off-grid power or to replace a noisy, dirty gas or diesel generator. It has the appropriate amount of power tohandle virtually any task you toss at it and it’ll recharge rapidly using the brilliant included SolarSaga solar panels. (>>> Find on Jackery)