Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Review

Replacing a gasoline or diesel generator with a rechargeable power generator often means that you’ll make sacrifices such as what devices you can power and how long you can use larger appliances that would normally have no problem running on a regular generator. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is the solution that you’ll need to ensure you can use just about any appliance you want even when you are off the grid.

This Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro review will look at the features that make this an excellent choice for replacing a noisy, smelly, and inconvenient generator with clean, rechargeable power (>>> Find on Amazon).

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Review of Specifications:

 Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro
Item Weight43 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD15.1 x 10.5 x 12.1 inches
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This is a massive power generator that is intended to fully replace a gas or diesel generator. It provides up to 2200 watts of continuous power and will handle a peak surge output above 4000 watts. The built-in rechargeable battery offers a total of 2160 watt-hours of power to ensure that your appliances keep running as long as you need.

AC Output

The Explorer 2000 Pro offers you three AC ports that are grounded and deliver a pure sine wave to ensure sensitive electronics aren’t damaged. The AC ports will allow up to 2200 watts of power, letting you run big power consuming devices like an air conditioner or an electric grill, though the unit won’t run these things for very long.

USB Output

There are a total of four USB ports for charging smartphones, laptops, and drone batteries along with numerous other devices. Dual USB-A ports feature Quick Charge 3.0 technology that gives you 18 watts of charging power. Dual USB-C ports offer up to 100 watts of charging power to ensure that your latest electronic devices can be charged as quickly as possible.


  • Provides enough power to reliably replace a gas or diesel generator
  • Ideal off-grid option when combined with solar panels


  • Large and bulky, so not ideal for hiking trips
  • Won’t power large appliances as easily as a gas generator

12V Output

The power generator also provides a 12 volt, 10 amp output for powering useful devices like a mini-fridge or a work light. This makes it possible to power the most useful automotive tools that you use without draining your car battery, a key feature when you are off the grid.

Charging Rates

Jackery offers some of the safest and fastest charging rates in the industry, and this beast of a power station is no different. It uses an advanced MPPT controller to get the maximum charge from AC, solar, or 12v power while ensuring that the battery has a long service life.

Recharging with Wall Power

The included AC wall adapter will allow this unit to recharge from fully discharged to fully charged in only two hours. This makes it ideal for use off the grid when you may only be able to recharge every few days. Most power generators take anywhere from three to four times as long to recharge, making this one of the best options when you simply can’t wait for the power you need.

Solar Recharging

Optional solar panels are a great way to get the most out of the solar generator capabilities. This unit will handle an impressive six 200 watt solar panels and will recharge in only 2.5 hours. Even if you’ve only got a pair of the SolarSaga 200 panels, this device will still recharge in 7.5 hours, giving you plenty of juice to fuel the fun.

12v Recharging

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro

While it is possible to recharge this unit using a car accessory plug, the device will take about 24 hours to fully charge. The advantage to using this method is that you can plug the device in while you are traveling and allow it to slowly charge, then you can use AC or solar to top off the charge when you get to your destination.

What it Can Power

Like most rechargeable power generators, the larger the appliance, the shorter the length of time you can power them. For large, big consumption devices like AC units, electric griddles, and coffee makers, you’ll get around an hour of use before you’ll need to recharge the unit. Smaller appliances and devices like smartphones will charge hundreds of times and you can even run a television for a full 25 hours. This is an ideal companion to your next glamping adventure.


The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is an excellent option for replacing noisy and disgusting generators so you and your family will get to enjoy the sounds of nature on your next adventure (>>> Check on Jackery). The rechargeable power generator offers enough power for almost any practical appliance or device that you’ll find yourself wanting to use and it also makes an ideal power source if you live in places where the electrical grid isn’t reliable.

Adding solar panels to this device makes it even more versatile and opens up the possibility of true off-grid experiences so that you are not dependent on plugging in to a wall outlet for days or even weeks at a time.