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Jackery Explorer 1000 Review

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On November 8, 2018 just before dawn, a power line burst into flames near the small town of Paradise, Calif. In just a few hours, the raging Camp Fire burned through Paradise, killing 85 people and destroying more than 19,000 homes. The lucky ones escaped, often with nothing more than the clothes on their back and the equipment in their truck.

If you are on the fence about buying a power station for camping, fishing, and hunting trips, keep the tale of Paradise in mind. Disaster is never more than a spark and an opportunity away, and this Jackery Explorer 1000 review will explain how this tool can be the difference of survival. (>>> Find on Jackery.com)

Jackery Explorer 1000 Review of Specifications:

Jackery Explorer 1000
Item Weight22 pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 inches

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Why Choose the Jackery 1000?

Let’s be honest up front: if you are looking for a part-time power supply for afternoon barbecues at the park or a few hours on the lake, there are a ton of products for you. When you step up to a power station with the capabilities of the Jackery 1000, you need serious, dependable power. This is no basic power station, it’s a true power house you can use in the most critical situations.

Versatile Recharging Capabilities

The Camp Fire burned for more than 18 days, filling the skies in Northern California with thick, black smoke. Ash literally rained like snow, covering the entire landscape in pale grey. Hundreds of miles of electrical lines burned, cutting power to millions of people, even severing capacity to nursing homes, hospitals, and urgent care centers.

In this apocalyptic scenario, thousands of people were moved to parking lots and churches to wait out the raging fire in the freezing cold. A lesser power station may have given a few hours or even a day of service, but in this type of disaster, the Explorer 1000 shows off its versatility.

When the skies clear enough, it will charge with up to two 100 watt solar panel arrays. If the sun won’t shine, it charges through wall power. When the grid is down, it can also charge through vehicle power. And when things have really hit the fan, it can be charged with a generator for the ultimate in rechargeability.


  • Dependable and reliable power solution that’s ideal for emergencies, camping, or family outings
  • Can power high-amperage devices
  • Multiple options for powering 110V, 12V, and a variety of USB-powered devices


  • Takes a long time to charge, particularly using solar panels

Powering What You Need

In the aftermath of the 2018 Camp Fire, hundreds of people suddenly found themselves disconnected from the entire world as cell phone and laptop batteries died and there was no way to recharge them. People lined up wherever a cell phone charger was available just to grab a few percent of battery life. The Jackery is a great way to make sure you are always prepared for whatever happens. With 1,002 watts per hour of power available, it can run anything from high wattage electrical appliances, TVs, radios, medical equipment, and it will charge multiple phones and laptops at once.

The unit features three 110 volt AC plugs for wall plug power. You can power up to three devices at once, providing that the combined wattage of the devices is less than 1,000 watts. The built-in power converter reproduces the voltage as a pure sine wave which provides consistent power necessary for sensitive electronics.

The Jackery Explorer has three options for USB power. Two USB-C ports provide the fastest and most reliable standard charging power. The unit has a dedicated Quick Charge 3.0 port that lets you rapidly get battery power to compatible devices.

Reliability Matters

Jackery Explorer 1000

Even after the California Fire Service declared the Camp Fire “under control”, it would be months before residents of Paradise would return to their community. When they finally did, the experience was surreal. The fire left virtually nothing intact, reducing a once lush, green mountain town to smoldering charcoal. For most residents, there was nothing to come home to, but it was still home. They began the tiresome project of cleanup, resolute to see their town rise again.

Imagine it’s you in this situation. Would you have anywhere to go? What would it take to rebuild? The destruction and horror of a natural disaster like the raging wildfire in this review may not be what you anticipate using your power station for, but shouldn’t you have the peace of mind to know that it will work when it’s called on? The Jackery Explorer will handle thousands of recharge cycles and will hold 100% charge for at least one year, ensuring you have power when you need it.


This may not be the review you thought you would read today, but it’s the best way to look at a product of this calibre. The Jackery Explorer 1000 is an ideal companion for camping, fishing, hunting, or whatever you are into- and it’s also so much more than that. So, if you are looking for the best option for a portable power station that can recharge with solar or various AC voltages, don’t be swayed by lesser products. Because, you never know when you might wake up to a disaster sweeping down on you and your family. The Jackery Explorer 1000 is the power station you can depend on for fun and for survival. (>>> Check on Amazon)