GOLABS R300 Review

Modern life means that many people have come to rely on their smartphones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, and other devices on a near-constant basis. A portable battery pack makes it simple to keep all of these devices charged even when you are off the grid camping, hiking, or enjoying the outdoors. This GOLABS R300 review will point out the pros and cons of this portable power pack. (>>> Find on Amazon)

GOLABS R300 Review of Specifications:

Item Weight10.48 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH9 x 6.18 x 7.67 inches
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A portable power pack makes camping and outdoor activities more enjoyable, but also can be the difference during emergencies. Even a small, portable power pack will help to provide power for essential equipment when you suddenly lose power.

Power and Connectivity Features

The R300 is a super-compact and portable power pack. It provides up to 300 watts of continuous power and has a rating of 299 watt-hours. It produces a pure sine wave frequency that prevents accidental damage to sensitive electronic devices. The power pack uses a LiFePO4 battery that will endure at least 2,000 cycles and is resistant to accidental fires and explosions.

AC-110 Volt

The R300 has two AC plugs so you can plug in household appliances that require less than 300 watts. The small size of this charger means it won’t run appliances like a hair dryer or a blender, but it will happily run a work lamp for many hours. The power pack can withstand peak output requirements up to 500 watts.


  • Convenient portable power station ideal for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities
  • Plenty of power for portable devices even during emergencies
  • Simple to operate with easy instructions and clear display


  • Enters shut-off mode when only small drains are detected, such as when charging only one device
  • Not powerful enough for many common appliances making it less ideal for emergencies
  • Solar power input voltage is lower than some competitors

USB Power

Where this design really comes in handy is when powering and charging USB devices. The R300 offers four USB ports. Two of the ports are USB-A 3.0 while the other two are USB-C ports. Both USB-C ports are PD-enabled. One provides up to 30 watts wile the other can receive or provide up to 60 watts.

12V ACC Power

The R300 can power devices using a standard 12 volt accessory plug as well as through a dedicated 3.5mm jack.

What Can it Power

This power pack is perfect for rechargeable and portable devices. It will provide around 22 phone charges on a full battery, charge a tablet nine times, or charge a laptop up to five times.

In terms of run-time, it will keep a router on for 23 hours, power an electric blanket for 6 hours, or even keep a 12v refrigerator running for more than five hours. Labels on most electrical devices will indicate the required wattage to power the device. Combining multiple devices will reduce overall battery life.

Recharging Capabilities

GOLABS R300 back

Recharging the R300 is best done using the included AC wall adapter. The factory manual says that it will take about nine hours to fully charge a discharged power pack. Solar charging will take longer. The power pack is restricted to a maximum input of 22 watts. Under ideal conditions it will take about eight hours to charge from 20 percent. Solar panels are not included, but the appropriate charging cord is part of the package. The unit can also be recharged using 12v power. This is the slowest method and will take as long as 10 hours to fully charge.

A rare feature on many power packs is the ability to both power devices while recharging the battery. This is called pass-through charging. The R300 is capable of pass-through charging, but you should keep in mind that using this feature is a significant strain on the battery and will shorten the service life of the unit.


The GOLABS R300 is a conveniently sized option that provides plenty of power for charging small devices like cell phones, laptop computers, and tablets. It is on the small side for powering larger devices and appliances that require lots of power. As a travel accessory, the R300 is an ideal solution for the average person who needs a reliable, rechargeable backup power source with plenty of opportunities to charge a variety of devices. (>>> Check on Amazon)