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Portable power stations have come a long way in a short while. Today, these devices are capable of replacing old gas generators in many small motorhomes and are amazing tools to have on camping, hunting, and fishing trips. In an emergency, they can reliably power many types of devices that you rely on everyday. This EF ECOFLOW Max review will describe the features of this rechargeable power pack generator. (>>> Find on Amazon)

EF ECOFLOW RIVER Max Review of Specifications:

Item Weight17 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH12 x 8 x 10 inches

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This power pack has several interesting features that set it apart from many other options. EF ECOFLOW is building some of the best functioning and looking power packs on the market today. The Max is the middle offering of the River range and provides 576 Wh of power to run appliances up to a peak of 1,800 watts.

Rapid Charging with X-Boost Technology

Most battery-powered booster packs can take a full day to recharge -time you may not have. With the River Max, you’ll get 80 percent of a charge in only one hour and just a little over an hour and a half for a full charge using the AC power adapter.

Built-in MPPT Controller

A built-in MPPT controller ensures that you get the most efficient solar charging capabilities. The Max will support up to 200 watts of solar input and the controller can recharge to 80 percent in only three to six hours. That means you’ll be able to keep the good times going even when you can’t plug in.


  • One of the most user friendly designs on the market
  • Has the ideal features for almost every use
  • Ideal for weekend trips, camping, and emergency use


  • Some buyers experience rapid discharge when not in use

Options for Providing Power

The River Max provides three AC outputs to power a wide range of appliances, tools, and devices. The Max incorporates pure sine wave technology to ensure a complete wave that won’t damage sensitive electronics. You can put up to 600 watts on each plug, making it easy to power things like a coffee maker, a blow dryer, or a refrigerator. EF ECOFLOW recommends that you use devices totaling no more than 1,200 watts for best results.

The MAX also provides four, convenient USB outputs on the front panel. You’ll find two USB-A ports that provide a low-amp charge or power option. There is also a QC USB-A port available to get many devices up and running quickly. A USB-C port provides the proper plug for modern devices and features a quick-charging 100 watts.

Three 12v outputs provide the option to connect devices using an ACC plug or a 3.5mm plug to ensure you can power devices like a work light, a 12v refrigerator, or a tire pump. You can also use the 12 ACC port to recharge the unit. It takes about 6 hours to recharge while you drive.

Using the EF ECOFLOW River Max

EF ECOFLOW RIVER Max in the box

One of the nice features about this power generator is the modular battery design. It allows you to remove one of the batteries to reduce the weight by 5.5 lbs. This makes it ideal for hiking trips where you’ll need less than 288Wh and you won’t have to lug around a huge, heavy generator.

The optional solar panels and the ability to rapidly recharge the power generator with them makes this an ideal option for anglers, hunters, and adventure seekers. It’s a portable power house that is ideal for most types of outdoor activity.

In an emergency, the Max is a good blend between affordability and efficiency. It will buy you many hours to several days depending on how you use it. A power generator can keep medical devices and a small refrigerator operational when the power suddenly goes out.


The EF ECOFLOW River Max is an excellent option that recharges super fast. It provides plenty of power when you need it and it looks good doing it. In fact, EF ECOFLOW offers this device in two designs -all black and grey  with a teal handle. It has an easy to understand display and consistently works when needed. This is an excellent choice for the adventurous and it’s durable construction and overall quality make it a device you can count on. (>>> Buy directly from ECOFLOW)