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EcoFlow Delta Pro vs Bluetti AC200 Max

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Portable power generator technology has improved greatly in the last few years. What used to be a novelty device that could reliably run some lights and charge a cell phone has transformed into a tool you can rely on for full-time power. Whether you are looking for a clean and silent option for van life or if you are interested in having a battery backup power supply for your entire home, there are now battery backup devices that can handle these high-use demands.

Two of the most popular companies around are EcoFlow and Bluetti. Both make solid, reliable products that you can count on when you need them. Choosing between the EcoFlow Delta Pro vs Bluetti AC200 Max depends largely on how you plan to use the devices. If you are looking to power your entire home and run any appliance you need, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is going to be the best choice (>>> Check on Ecoflow). If you need a more portable device that can power most appliances, the Bluetti AC200 is a less-expensive option.

EcoFlow Delta Pro vs Bluetti AC200 Max Side by Side:

EcoFlow Delta ProBluetti AC200 Max
Item Weight84 lbs62 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches
PriceFind on Ecoflow.com

Check on Amazon

Check on Amazon

The first thing that we need to discuss is the differences between what these two devices are capable of doing for you. We will look first at power output and expandability so you’ll understand why the EcoFlow Delta Pro offers more options. For our more in-depth EcoFlow Delta Pro review, click here.

Power Output

Side-by-side, the very first thing you notice about these two devices is the size difference. The EcoFlow is a full 10 inches deeper and weighs a full 20 lbs more than the Bluetti. That size difference translates into one significant factor: the EcoFlow Delta Pro offers significantly higher power levels and a battery that will power devices for longer than Bluetti.

EcoFlow Delta Power Output

EcoFlow rates the base unit at a power output capacity of 3,200 watts of continuous supply and a 3,600 watt-hour battery. The Delta Pro is also capable of being expanded using additional battery packs all the way up to a staggering 25k wH package that will run your entire house for days on end without needing a recharge.

EcoFlow Delta Pro


  • Ideally suited for long-term off-grid use due to the broad range of charging options
  • Can be integrated into house wiring to serve as a battery backup system


  • Big, heavy, and expensive

Bluetti AC200 Max Power Output

The base AC200 offers 2,200 watts of output and 2,048 wH of battery life. As you can see, this is significantly less than the Delta Pro. The AC200 Max can also be expanded by adding optional battery packs and it will achieve a maximum of 8,192 wH. That is a lot of power, but not the amounts available from EcoFlow.

Bluetti AC200


  • The portable design makes it perfect for camping and as a portable device for sporting events
  • Wireless charging pads are a nice added feature that gives this design convenience


  • Barely enough power for serious use and expansion parts significantly increase the cost

Why the Difference Matters

For buyers who won’t need to power big appliances and are looking for a more portable device, the AC200 Max makes sense. But, if getting maximum power from your rechargeable power station is important, you’ll need to purchase two AC200 units to match one of the Delta Pro devices. The cost of these two devices is significantly different, and you’ll spend less money buying two AC200 devices over one Delta Pro unit. You’ll then need to deal with the fact that two AC200 units weigh more and take up more space while also offering twice as many opportunities for components to fail.

Even though the price of the EcoFlow is higher, we think it offers more power and reliability than the AC200 and is easier to store and use than two AC200 units.

Winner: EcoFlow Delta Pro

Recharge Rates

Beyond what it can power, the second most important factor is how quickly and easily the device can be recharged. Both of these devices offer numerous ways to recharge and rapid recharge rates.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Recharging Capabilities

EcoFlow Delta Pro

The Delta Pro has one feature that we think absolutely makes it a stand-out from every other device on the planet. You can recharge this device at any one of the more than 35,000 EV charging stations in the U.S. and it’ll fully charge in only 1.7 hours. That feature alone makes this the perfect device for replacing a gasoline generator in an RV.

Adding optional solar panels to the EcoFlow Delta Pro can help it remain charged all the time, even when you are using it quite a bit. It’ll handle up to 1,600 watts of solar input, getting it fully charged in as little as two hours. You can also combine solar and AC input to rapid charge the unit.

Bluetti AC200 Max Recharging Capabilities

Bluetti AC200 Max

The AC200 can be recharged using AC, DC, and solar power. You can also combine AC and solar to quickly recharge the unit. It can accept a maximum of 900 watts of solar input and up to 1300 watts combined AC and solar which recharges the unit in about two hours.

Considering that the total capacity of the AC200 is significantly less than the EcoFlow device and the fact that both recharge in about the same amount of time, the AC200 falls short.

Winner: EcoFlow Delta Pro

Output Options

We’ve already discussed the amount of power these units provide, but getting that power to your appliance or device is also important. Both have a bevy of options we will discuss.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Output

Four AC ports give you the flexibility to plug in a variety of household appliances. From CPAP machines to TVs, to refrigerators, this device can handle anything you’ve got. Many devices struggle with coffee makers, hair dryers, and blenders, but the Delta Pro will power them all.

Many of the most popular devices we use and count on are charged via USB. The EcoFlow has several advanced options for USB charging capabilities, starting with two 100 watt USB-C ports. You’ll also find four USB-A ports that include two Fast Charge ports.

Bluetti AC200 Output

The AC200 gives you four AC outlets for plugging in home appliances and also offers a 30 amp NEMA plug.

USB outputs include four USB-A outlets and one USB-C 100w port. A feature we like about the AC200 is the dual wireless charging pads on the top of the device. This is a convenient way to quickly and easily charge compatible devices.

You’ll also find three options for 12v output including a cigarette lighter-style port and dual 5.5mm ports. This is useful for 12v refrigerators, tire pumps, and all sorts of gadgets.


Despite the significant difference in cost, the more expensive option is simply the best choice out there for replacing a gas generator or relying on it as a backup to power your home. The EcoFlow Delta Pro checks all the boxes for power handling, convenience, and expandability. The ability to recharge it at an EV charging station is a big selling point in our opinion because it offers a solution to the problem of recharging your supply when you are on the road.

The Bluetti AC200 is an excellent power generator that supplies enough power to handle most emergencies and camping trips, but it is a little undersized for the types of real uses you’ll want from a big battery pack. It isn’t as expandable and can’t handle as much input as the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

We think the EcoFlow Delta Pro is the best option on the market right now for serious hardcore power needs (>>> Check the current price on Amazon). It charges fast, it powers everything, and when it’s time to add power, it can handle tons. It makes an ideal option for RVs, van life, and off-grid camping options.