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Ecoflow Delta Pro Review

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Building the perfect backup power supply for your home or designing an off-grid RV or van means you’ll need to decide between smelly, loud, and prone to breakdown gas and diesel generators, or the quieter, cleaner rechargeable power options like this one from EcoFlow. We bring you this EcoFlow Delta Pro review so you can see whether it suits your needs and what it can do to power your home or off-road vehicle (>>> Find on Ecoflow).

Ecoflow Delta Pro Review of Specifications:

Ecoflow Delta Pro
Item Weight84 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches
PriceFind on Ecoflow.com

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The EcoFlow Delta Pro offers 3,600 watts of output and 3,600 watt-hours on a charge, so you will have the power on hand to easily power almost any appliance you need. It has enough power to keep all of your small devices charged, power cooking equipment, even run your medical devices for days on end.

Output Ports and Capacity

The most common ports you’ll use on this rechargeable power supply are the AC output ports. This design has a total of four outputs that will continuously power hair dryers, blenders, and even wall AC units for hours. Using the unique X-Boost, the Delta Pro can start up high-power devices up to 4,500 watts, ideal for large AC units, refrigerators, and table saws. >>> Check its comparison versus Bluetti EP500

There is also an RV port that makes this an ideal design for incorporating in an RV build. The connector allows you to run 120v AC power to a variety of outlets in your van or RV so you can have power where you want it without the noise from a generator.

If you simply need more power, you can use two of the Delta Pro units connected with a special cable sold separately that offers you 7200 watts of power and 240 volt capacity to power clothes dryers and welding units among other big power devices.

The Delta Pro offers several USB options to enhance the charging capabilities of the unit. You’ll find a combined six USB ports. Four of the ports are USB-A ports and two are USB-C ports. Two of the USB-A ports are fast charge-capable and both USB-C ports are 100w output. Check comparison vs. Delta Max


  • The best design for RV and van conversion campers that can take advantage of EV power supply
  • Industry-leading recharge rates and versatile options get you back into action quickly


  • Large size isn’t easily portable and could take up more space than needed for limited users
  • Expansion of power bank, battery pack, solar panel, and wall panel adds significantly to the cost

Recharging Options

Ecoflow Delta Pro

One of the features that we love about this power generator is the fact that you can recharge it at an EV station, which are becoming more common as electric cars begin to expand in the U.S. This capability means that in just a few hours, you can charge up the power generator in your van or RV and be back to adventure without having to source an AC outlet or rely on solar panels. Check its comparison vs. Bluetti AC300

An AC outlet is one of the better ways to recharge this model, taking slightly more than 2.5 hours to recharge using the 1800 watt AC charger. There are a total of six methods of recharging this unit, including options to combine AC power and solar energy. It can even accept up to a total of 6500 watts of input to recharge fully in just over an hour and a half.


Of all the designs we’ve reviewed, this is the best one we’ve seen for RV and van life applications. The convenience and versatility of being able to charge the Delta Pro at EV charging stations means you don’t have to jump through hoops to stay off the grid. Adding even modest solar energy to this setup makes it the ideal rechargeable power station.

This is also a design perfectly suited for emergency home use. It can be wired directly into your homes electrical supply so that if and when power goes out, the Delta Pro will provide the energy you need for important appliances (>>> Check on Amazon).