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ECOFLOW Delta 1300 Review

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Most power stations either have the capacity to be used for emergency preparedness or are designed for use on the go. In this EcoFlow Delta 1300 review, we’ll look at a power station that can do both, with a remarkably fast recharging time that makes it as convenient as it is powerful and portable. Let’s dig in to the details! (>>> Find directly on  Ecoflow.com)

ECOFLOW Delta 1300 Review of Specifications:

ECOFLOW Delta 1300
Wattage3300 Watts
Item Weight30.9 Lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxHNo data

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Overall Build and Design

At a weight of just over 30 pounds, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is portable in the sense of being easy to throw in a car or RV for road trips, camping trips, or outdoor events like tailgates and cookouts. The dual handles on the top help with this, too, and don’t add much to its overall dimensions. It’s far more compact overall than the typical gas generator or other high-capacity power stations, good news from both a transportation and storage perspective.

The Delta 1300 is also safe and unobtrusive to use indoors. There are no harmful emissions and its operating noise is very low, even when the cooling fan is running at full power. This makes it a viable option for emergency preparedness around the home, along with being useful in outdoor applications.

There are 13 total output ports on the EcoFlow Delta 1300, including 2 fast-charging USB-A ports that can recharge smartphones and other electronics in about half the time of a standard power station. There are also ample AC outlets, though bear in mind they’re only designed to accept 2-prong plugs. Adapters to convert 3-prong to 2-prong plugs are relatively cheap and safe to use with the power station. Still, this is a noteworthy oversight considering the Delta 1300 is advertised for use with heavy-duty appliances and tools, many of which use a 3-prong plug by default.



  • Powers 13 devices simultaneously
  • 2 fast charge USB ports
  • Fast recharge rate (0-80% in 1 hour)
  • Multiple recharging methods (solar, wall outlet, car outlet, gas generator)
  • Detailed, easy to read display
  • Good built-in battery protection


  • May require DIY wiring for third-party solar panels
  • AC outputs can’t fit 3-prong plugs


The EcoFlow Delta 1300 matches the power handling capabilities of a standard home wall outlet. This means it can run full-sized appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, electric heaters, or window A/C units. It’s just as useful for DIYers and outdoor construction, running power tools like circular saws and electric drills without an issue.

With a capacity of 1,260 watt hours, the Delta 1300 can keep those devices running for a while, too. For context, that’s enough to run a 150-watt device for as long as 20 hours, and up to 2 hours of use for heavy-duty tools.

Another helpful feature of the Delta 1300 is that it can accept input at the same time it’s putting out power. This is mostly helpful for outdoor applications, allowing you to keep the power pack recharging through a solar panel or car outlet while you’re using its USB or AC ports without damaging the battery.


ECOFLOW Delta 1300

Here’s where the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is especially impressive. It uses patented X-Stream technology to dramatically decrease its recharge time. In fact, it recharges about 10 times as fast as a typical power station without the need for a second adapter or other extra accessories.

Like most power stations, you’ll get the fastest recharging by using a wall outlet. It recharges at a rate of up to 1200W, meaning it can be recharged to 100% from being fully depleted in as little as 2 hours. Through solar panels, its can recharge in as little as 4 hours, though bear in mind this will vary depending on weather conditions and the type of panel you use.

The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is relatively flexible when it comes to connecting solar panels, and can be connected to arrays of up to 6 solar panels, with a total input of up to 400 watts. The included cable is intended for use with EcoFlow brand solar panels, though, and it can be tricky to connect some third-party panels, especially if you’re a relative solar beginner.

ECOFLOW Delta 1300 Review: What’s the Bottom Line?

Few other power stations can match the versatility of the EcoFlow Delta 1300. Its array of outputs, multiple fast recharging options, and impressive power to weight ratio make it an equally viable option for construction professionals and homeowners as it is for campers, RVers, and road-trippers. (>>> Check on Amazon)