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Dokio 300w Solar Panel Review

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Folding and portable solar panels with a solar controller let you charge your power generator using nothing more than the energy of the sun. When not in use, the panel can be conveniently stored so that you don’t have to worry about it being stolen or damaged by weather. This Dokio 300 watt solar panel review explains the features of this set of solar panels (>>> Find on Amazon).

Dokio 300w Solar Panel Review of Specifications:

Dokio 300w
Wattage300 Watts
Maximum Voltage18V
Item Dimensions LxWxH39 x 21 x 0.9 inches
Item Weight17 Pounds
PriceCheck on Amazon

The Dokio 300w solar panel deploys to offer you a full 41-inch by 22-inch photovoltaic power source. The panels fold into a compact 26-inch by 21-inch package that is only 0.9-inches thick. That means it’s easy to stuff in a backpack and carry with you on your next camping, fishing, or sightseeing adventure.

Power Output

Boasting up to 300 watts of output, this single unit will recharge virtually any power generator from any manufacturer. Even designs that use an MPPT controller that limits input to specified levels will charge well using this solar panel. Power generators capable of taking more power are even more ideally paired with this solar panel set. You won’t have to purchase multiple sets of panels to get the amount of power that you want.


The Dokio 300 watt solar panel is constructed of multiple layers that protect the monocrystalline solar cell. Top layers provide UV protection from discoloring, while the secondary layer amplifies the energy being inducted into the panel. Sublayers provide durability, including a polyester and resin double layer. A sturdy layer of EVA ensures that the photovoltaic cells don’t overheat while they are receiving solar input.


  • Easy to use solar panel set that is easy to store and carry
  • Provides enough power to charge most popular power generators
  • Ideal for campers, hunters, and outdoor adventurers


  • Some buyers received used, damaged items
  • Some buyers were unable to get maximum voltage

Connective Options

Unlike some solar panel kits you’ll buy, this kit includes the necessary adapters to ensure you can connect it easily to your power generator. It includes conversion connectors for 8mm/6.4*4mm/5.5*2.5mm/5.5*2.1mm/3.5*1.35mm and includes cable options for use with XT60 to Alligator clip and JY60 to DC to offer even more options so you can charge almost any power generator out there.

Who is this Panel For?

Dokio 300w in the box

Some solar panels aren’t ideal for everyone. We’ve seen lots of sets that are bulky, difficult to get set at an appropriate angle, or simply don’t work with the most popular power generators on the market. That makes it hard to buy the right solar panel for your application.

We think this is an ideal product for almost all solar generator owners. It has the connectors to put it together with every major type of connector and provides the right amount of power you need to recharge up to the most powerful generators.


If you are on the market for an excellent quality solar panel set that works with almost every power generator out there. It is an easy to pack and store option that also looks great. While we don’t recommend using this for a permanent installation, it does make for a great everyday device for long-term camping adventures while also being the perfect companion to a survivalist pack.

What makes this one of the ideal options is the availability of up to 300 watts of power from a single unit. Combined with the included adapters to connect the panel to your power generator and the included solar controller, this solar panel set is the perfect option for most people who are looking for solar solutions (>>> Check on Amazon).