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Bluetti AC300 vs Ecoflow Delta Pro

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Expandable power options are ideal for van lifers, preppers, and just the average day individual who want to have portable power solutions regardless of the status of the electrical grid. Picking between the Bluetti AC300 vs Ecoflow Delta Pro is a critical decision when you are making the investment. There are many things we like about both designs, but the Ecoflow Delta Pro is our favorite of the two (>>> Check on Ecoflow). We’ll break down why we think so in the paragraphs below.

Bluetti AC300 vs Ecoflow Delta Pro Side by Side:

Bluetti AC300Ecoflow Delta Pro
Item Weight47.62 lbs84 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD20.5 x 12.5 x 14.1 inches25 x 11.2 x 16.4 inches

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Both of these designs are intended to provide tons of power that will enhance the options you have whether off the grid or simply prepping for the end of the world as we know it.

Power Output Possibilities

Both designs are intended to give you enough power to run most of your essential appliances like a refrigerator, lights, and other items. In addition to powering these high-usage devices, these systems are also expandable so that you can build a system that

The Bluetti AC300 starts as a 3,000 watt power generator and can be expanded by adding battery packs. It’ll accept up to four of the B300 battery packs rated at 3,072 watts each. With the total of possible power, you’ll have 14,576 watts of available juice to power just about anything, even smaller central AC units.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro also starts out with a base 3,600 watts of continuous power. It can also be expanded to take advantage of the expandable battery packs that will increase output to 25,000 watts. This is enough power for you to run just about any possible device or accessory you can imagine.

Winner: Ecoflow Delta Pro

Recharge Rates

Smaller devices can be expected to recharge quickly, but when you are dealing with this much power, you are going to need to plan on having some time. You can enhance the speed at which these devices will recharge by using a combination of AC power and solar panels, sold separately.

The Bluetti AC300 will accept up to 5,300 watts of input power but you’ll need to use an optional AC wall charger and count on the full amount of solar input, which is rated at up to 2,400 watts. Using everything it can take, the Bluettie AC300 takes less than two hours to reach a n 80-percent charge.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro will also charge fastest when you include the highest level of input possible. It provides you with the ability to add 6,500 watts of total input, giving you a recharge of 100-percent in only 1.7 hours.

The thing that sets the Ecoflow Delta Pro apart from the Bluettie AC300 -and literally every other rechargeable power station on the market- is the fact you can charge it at EV stations. Only this design can do that, giving you a new type of charging that you won’t find anywhere else.

Winner: Ecoflow Delta Pro

Output Ports

The number of devices you can plug in at once is more important than the amount of power available sometimes, particularly when you are primarily charging smartphones, laptops, drones, and other small devices that are commonly useful off the grid.

The Bluetti AC300 offers six 120v AC ports to power appliances. You’ll also find a total of five USB ports including a USB-C 100w port and four USB-A ports. On the 12V side of things, Bluetti adds a 12v and 24v port. On top of the unit, there are dual wireless charging pads to handle your compatible devices needs.

The Ecoflow Delta Pro provides four 120v AC ports. USB ports outperform and outnumber the Bluetti to make up for the two-fewer AC ports, though. You’ll find dual USB-C 100w ports along with two USB-A QC 3.0 ports and two standard USB-A ports. That gives you the power you need for the most useful devices you have. It includes two types of 12v plugs and an Anderson Plug for powering a trailer.

Winner: Ecoflow Delta Pro

How We Picked

The Ecoflow Delta Pro stands out for a couple of reasons. The most relevant and immediate reason is the ability to expand the power and take advantage of massive amounts of solar and AC power input. This makes the system more convenient regardless of the manner in which it is used. While the Bluetti AC 300 will provide high levels of power when properly configured, the Ecoflow Delta Pro is designed to power your entire house with ease, though upgrading the package to the full wattage is prohibitively expensive.

Product Review Briefs

We will provide a quick run-down on some of the most relevant key features of these two products to help you compare them side-by-side.

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti AC300

The Bluetti AC300 is the base that allows you to begin custom-building a massive power generator system capable of lighting up your entire home. The AC300 works with the B300 battery pack system to provide anywhere from the base 3,000 watts up to the peak of nearly 15,000 watts. The device offers a blend of safety and convenience rarely found in similar designs, including dual wireless charging pads and enough AC ports to power just about any device or appliance you can imagine.


  • Compact and reliable battery backup option that suits most needs
  • Excellent recharge rates using solar and ac options


  • Requires manually clearing alarms before restart when power goes in-and-out

Ecoflow Delta Pro

Ecoflow Delta Pro

The Ecoflow Delta Pro is a fully-contained battery backup system that provides more than 3000 watts of power in it’s base configuration and can be expanded to include more than 28000 watts of power. That is enough to easily power an entire household for several days. The device works the company’s battery expanding devices to offer huge amounts of power. Our detailed review of the Ecoflow Delta Pro.


  • More available power than most people will need when fully expanded
  • Easy and simple process for connecting to the home power grid


  • Large and bulky design is difficult to store
  • Add on battery packs are equally large, making an expanded system not portable


There are several reasons we particularly like the Ecoflow Delta Pro over the Bluetti AC300, and most of those reasons are because of convenience. The Ecoflow product simply is easier to work with when you need a full battery replacement option and you need to rely on the device. The Ecoflow Delta Pro is our clear winner between the two designs (>>> Check the current price on Amazon).