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Bluetti AC300 Review

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The Bluetti AC300 is the core piece of this power solution that allows you to build a modular rechargeable generator to suit your individual needs. The main unit can combine with up to six battery packs to generate a ton of power and provide you with quiet, clean, and rechargeable electricity anywhere, anytime. This Bluetti AC300 review will look at the features of this generator and how well it works when combined with the battery extender (>>> Find on Bluettipower).

Bluetti AC300 Review of Specifications:

Bluetti AC300
Item Weight47.62 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD20.5 x 12.5 x 14.1 inches

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The main portion of this package is the Bluetti AC300. This is a 3000 watt rechargeable power generator that provides six AC outputs for serious power users. Combined with the battery extender B300, this package offers 3072 watt hours that is capable of powering most appliances including power tools, coffee makers, and full-size refrigerators. Since it is a modular design, you simply add battery packs to the original unit to get as much as 24,000 watt-hours.

Recharging Rates

The Bluetti AC300 is intended as a high-power option that can completely replace a gasoline or diesel power generator. It has unique equipment built-in to allow it to recharge rapidly in only one to one-and-a-half hours using the AC wall charger. That is blazing speed and ensures that you’ll be able to get up and running without wasting time.

When using optional solar panels, you can also get this device to recharge in less than two hours using as much as 2400 watts of solar energy. Since this is a device that is intended for high-power applications, you can even use it as a permanent generator in your RV or van and connect it to high-quality solar panels.


  • The ultimate in expandable and usable power and performance
  • Incredibly fast recharge rates keeps you from having long delays


  • Lots of additional things to buy to get the most from the device
  • Not easily portable due to large size and heavy weight

What it Will Power

The Bluetti AC300 and B300 package are designed for running nearly any appliance you can imagine needing, whether you are in a motorhome or simply dealing with an emergency at home. Since it packs 3000 watts continuous power and can be expanded and rapidly recharged, you’ll be able to use it for powering major appliances like a refrigerator or a power saw. It will also handle all of your smaller devices and can power high-use devices that most of the power generators on the market simply won’t. This includes things like blenders and coffee makers that can really make the difference between camping and glamping. Check the comparison vs. Ecoflow Delta Pro.

Output Ports

The AC300 features six 20a AC ports that will ensure you can plug in fans, monitors, just about anything. It even has an optional home power kit that will allow you to plug it directly into your home’s power grid to generate power when there are outages. Lots of flexibility means you will always be able to power any AC device that you need, anywhere.

USB Output

Unlike most of the designs on the market, the AC300 is geared strictly for 120v & 12v power. The B300 battery allows for USB-C PD 100w power and an included charging pad allows for wireless charging of small devices. Since this is geared toward larger appliances, charging a phone is best done using an adapter to plug into the AC ports.

Connecting Multiple B300 Batteries

Bluetti AC300

The modular design allows you to add or remove B300 battery packs to increase the output or improve the portability of the AC300. Each battery adds 3000 watts and over 3000 watt hours to the total, giving you flexibility and an abundance of energy.


One of the great things about this design is the ability to expand the package to suit your needs. You can add solar panels that help keep it charged or connect it to a full solar array that will ensure you never have to worry about power.


The Bluetti AC300 & B300 combo is one of the best options you’ll find to do away with noisy gasoline and diesel generators while providing the type of power you actually need for the appliances you use most often. While there are a number of add-ons that increase the price, building out this modular system will provide you with the essentials right away and the ability to get more than enough power in the future (>>> Check on Amazon).