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Bluetti AC200P vs EF Ecoflow Delta

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In these uncertain times, you never know when the power may go out or how long before power is restored. Power outages are merely inconveniences for some people, but millions of people in the U.S. depend on a reliable source of electricity for work, medical equipment, and other essential needs.

The best way to make sure you always have the power you need is to have a reliable power generator on hand. Choosing the Bluetti AC200P vs EF Ecoflow Delta might be a challenge at first, but we’ll show you why the Bluetti AC200P is the best option for your power generator needs (>>> Check on BluettiPower.com).

Bluetti AC200P vs EF Ecoflow Delta Side by Side:

BLUETTI AC200PEF Ecoflow Delta
Wattage2000 Watts3300 Watts
Item Weight60.6 Pounds30.9 Lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxH16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches
Price BluettiPower.com

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Find on Ecoflow.com

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Both of these power generators are high-output devices intended to run the vast majority of electric appliances and tools you’ll need in emergencies, while camping, or as a reliable backup to unpredictable grid power. We will describe the features of both devices so that you can easily understand what the differences between them are and how these differences affect the way you use the generator.

Power Levels


Probably the most important feature of a power generator is how much power it can generate. In this case, there is only a slight difference between Bluetti and EF Ecoflow. The Bluetti AC200P is rated to provide a continuous flow of electricity up to 2,000 watts. EF Ecoflow provides 1,850 watts of power. Both devices are capable of handling power surges with the Bluetti attaining a max surge rating of 4,800 watts to the 3,300 watts available through the EF Ecoflow Delta.

While the continuous power ratings aren’t significantly different, you’ll find that the Bluetti is going to allow you to do more for longer as a result of its ability to provide more power. The larger surge rating means that when you turn on many devices like some medical equipment, electric space heaters, blenders, or an electric drill, surge rates can drastically exceed the running power required by the tool. Having the ability to handle surges up to 4,800 watts means that your generator won’t kick into a fail safe mode when you turn on devices, even when you are right at the limit of available power.

Winner: Bluetti AC200P

The Bluetti AC200P is the clear winner here because of its advanced surge abilities and higher initial power availability.

Bluetti AC200P


  • Provides tons of power to ensure reliable access to your most important devices and appliances over long periods of time
  • Rapidly recharges when power is available
  • Simple, safe, and easy to use


  • Parasitic power loss from the fan is quite high at about 12 watts per hour of operation
  • Customer service takes a long time to respond and often refuses to warranty claims when the unit is bought through third-party Amazon sellers


EF Ecoflow Delta

A super powerful generator isn’t going to do much good if you can’t plug the right devices in. Both devices offer six 10 volt AC plugs to power all sorts of electric tools, appliances, or medical devices. Both units can power high-use items like blenders or electric drills provided the total amount of wattage for all powered devices doesn’t exceed the maximum rating for continuous power.

Most of our favorite devices these days are charged using USB ports. It’s important to remember that not all USB ports are the same. Bluetti offers five total USB ports including a 60 watt USB-C PD port for rapid charging, four USB-A ports, and dual 15 watt wireless charging pads for compatible devices. EF Ecoflow offers six USB ports, including two USB-C ports that can handle up to 60 watts and four USB-A ports. EF Ecoflow does not state whether the USB-C port is PD-compatible.

Both units offer the same 12 volt power option that is great for air pumps, lights, or a 12v refrigerator. Each has one accessory-style port and dual 3 amp pin-type ports for plugging in various devices.

Winner: Bluetti AC200P

Even though the EF Ecoflow has more ports to plug stuff in, the lower power levels mean you’ll need to be more judicious as to what you plug in at once. The inability to confirm whether the Ecoflow provides PD protocol is a deal-breaker for some people, particularly those who are powering devices like drones that require lots of power. The dual wireless charging pads are really what set the Bluetti over the top for us.

EF Ecoflow Delta


  • Excellent power rating and rapid charging rate make this a good choice
  • Excellent safety protections to prevent damage to devices or overcharging of the unit


  • Some users claim the actual output is less than advertised
  • MPPT controller isn’t as good as Bluetti


A power generator is only a useful tool when you can keep it charged. As such, being able to rapidly recharge the unit from a variety of sources is essential. Both devices offer recharging using AC power, solar power, and 12 volt power from your car’s charging system.

Recharging these devices using AC power is the fastest way to accomplish your goal. The Bluetti is capable of recharging using dual 500 watt chargers, allowing a full charge in about 2.5 hours. EF Ecoflow uses proprietary technology to provide the fastest charging speeds in the industry. In fact, using just one AC charger, EF Ecoflow says this device will gain 80% charge in only one hour.

Both devices take a very long time to charge using a 12 volt supply. You’ll want to count on anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to recharge fully by plugging into your car.

Both devices have the capability to recharge using solar panels. The Bluetti offers you the ability to wire panels in series up to a massive 700 watts which will recharge the device in about 3.5 hours. EF Ecoflow Delta is restricted to only 400 watts of solar input which will recharge the unit in about 6 hours.

Winner: Bluetti AC200P

Even though the rated charge for AC power is somewhat longer than the EF ecoflow Delta, the ability to power the device with a massive solar array is a very desirable feature. We pick the Bluetti over the EF Ecoflow on charge rate simply due to the advanced MPPT controller that allows for rapid solar recharge rates.


We think that the Bluetti AC200P is simply a superior design that will offer the type of power and ability to charge devices you’ll need in emergencies, while on camping or hunting trips, or even when you need power around the house and don’t have a convenient plug (>>> Check the current price on Amazon). This device works great for people who are making van-camper conversions and is excellent for use on boats.