Bluetti AC200P vs AC200Max

Both the Bluetti AC200P and the AC200 Max are top performers when it comes to finding the perfect rechargeable power station, but despite very similar names, these two products are quite different. Today, we look at Bluetti AC200P vs AC200 Max to show you the similarities and differences that make one better than the other. In our experience, the Bluetti AC200 Max is going to offer more expandability options that make it the more attractive option (>>> Check on Bluettipower).

Bluetti AC200P vs AC200Max Side by Side:

 Bluetti AC200PBluetti AC200 Max
Item Weight60.6 lbs62 lbs
Item Dimensions LxWxD16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches

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Bluetti AC200P vs AC200 Max: Similarities

Both of these devices are going to get you the amount of power you rely on to run most appliances, charge smaller devices, and ensure that you can get through emergency situations without losing power to important medical equipment. They share some common features that we will describe first.

Design Features

At first glance, it is a little difficult to tell one device from another. They both have a similar shape, size, and the same colors. You’ll notice that the outputs you want the most are all located on one side of the unit with a vibrant digital display that lets you quickly see the charge levels, output, and other details you need. Both design also include a wireless charging pad located on to top surface that makes charging your compatible devices convenient.

On one side, you’ll find the inputs. There are some differences with these ports we will discuss later, but both models have the input ports on one side. Both models have rugged, built-in handles to help move the power generator around. These are large units, so you should consider how much you’ll really need to move them before buying. We find these designs to primarily be best for stationary use, like in a van or RV.

Available Power

When fully charged, these two devices offer nearly the same amount of power. The AC200 Max provides slightly more at 2200 watts and 2048 watt-hours against an even 2000 watts and 2000 watt-hours from the AC200P. These slight variations don’t affect output by very much, with both devices advertised as powering things like a coffee pot for 1.5 hours or a 40w CPAP machine for 30-40 hours.

Both models have identical USB-A outputs, with four ports each. Neither offers USB-C or fast-charge technology, but you can use an adapter on the AC ports to quick charge cell phones, laptops, and drone batteries.


Both devices can handle dual AC & solar charging that allows the device to rapidly recharge. The AC200P can handle 1200 watts, while the AC200 Max can handle 1300 watts. Both devices have similar recharge rates with a fast AC charge time of about 5 hours, however, the AC200 Max with both AC and solar charging will recharge slightly faster.


While there are several features that are similar, some other aspects make these devices significantly different. One of the first things that should be of note is the difference in output ports. While both offer options for AC power output, the AC200 Max also ensures that RVers have the connections they need.

The AC200P features a total of six AC ports for powering standard 120v devices. The AC200 Max only provides four AC output ports, but also includes a NEMA TT output along with upgraded 12v ports to include a 30a port and dual 10a ports. The AC200P provides a pair of 3a ports and a 25a ACC port.

A key difference between the two devices is the ability to add additional battery packs. The AC200 Max allows for two batteries, while the AC200P does not.

Solar Input Differences

One of the biggest factors is the available solar input options. The AC200P allows for only a maximum of 700 watts, while the AC200 Max can handle up to 900 watts. This is a significant difference when you are relying on the solar panels to rapidly recharge the device.

Expandable Power

One of the key features that makes the AC200 Max a better option is the ability to expand the battery by connecting one of Bluetti’s battery packs to the device using the solar input port. This lets the device go from just over 2000 wH to a maximum of close to 4000 wH.

Bluetti AC200P Review

Bluetti AC200P

The Bluetti AC200 is an ideal product for combining excellent power handling capabilities with fast recharge rates. The design ensures that you’ll be able to power most of the appliances and devices you rely on for a good length of time without fail.

Because of the versatile recharging options, this device makes for a great choice to replace the gasoline or diesel generator in an RV or to add tons of functionality to a van life build. The six AC ports means that you’ll be able to run lots of devices simultaneously without worrying about switching things out or running out of options.

We particularly like the design and functionality of the Bluetti power generators, and these large units are among our favorites.


  • Incredibly reliable power source option that offers lots of AC ports for connecting all sorts of appliances
  • Rapidly recharges and offers a great blend of technologies to ensure that you can recharge quickly


  • Bulky and large which prevents this device from easily being transported

Bluetti AC200 Max Review

Bluetti AC200 Max

When it comes to providing an option for fully replacing a conventional generator, there are only a few designs on the market that can compare. This Bluetti AC200 Max is one of the best options you’ll find, as it allows for the kinds of power you need while offering the connections for motorhomes and RVs that make it convenient to use.

In addition to the already robust amount of power on hand, the ability to expand the battery options significantly increases the usefulness of the generator. When you need to rely on electricity, the ability to add massive amounts of power toan already reliable device simply makes this one a top choice.

Coupling the AC200 Max with dedicated solar panels allows this power generator to become one of the most functional designs around.


  • Versatile and expandable power generator platform that is sure to suit any needs
  • Simple to use and easily recharged in the most efficient way


  • Not very portable, particularly when coupled with add on battery packs
  • Additional equipment significantly increases the cost


The Bluetti AC200P and AC200 Max are among the very best rechargeable power generators you’ll find. Both are amazing and easy to use. While they aren’t as portable as some devices, they also are intended as primary power sources for off-grid living or for use to replace a conventional generator. We think the AC200 Max offers the best expandability which makes it the smart choice fo rour uses (>>> Find the current price on Amazon).