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Anker 521 Review

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Many of the power generators out there are fully capable of handling any number of devices, appliances, or other items that receive power, but they are also large and difficult to carry. When you are looking for a power generator that is geared toward small appliances and charging cell phones, you don’t need a massive power generator. This Anker 521 review will examine the functions and features that make this an excellent choice when you need a small, easily portable power station (>>> Find on Amazon).

Anker 521 Review of Specifications:

Anker 521
Wattage200 Watts
Item Weight8.2 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.5 x 5.67 x 8.33 inches
PriceCheck on Amazon

The Anker 521 is designed to be portable and provide ideal power for small appliances and charging of smartphone batteries while on the go. It features a 256Wh LiFePO4 battery that provides up to 200 watts of power. While that isn’t enough to power something like a blender or a hair dryer, it is the perfect amount of power for a radio, charging your GPS unit, or keeping your cell phone battery at 100%.

LiFePO4 Battery Technology

At the heart of this portable power station is a Lithium Ion Phosphorus battery like those used in electric cars. LiFePO4 batteries are more stable than traditional lithium ion batteries. They handle extreme temperatures better and are less likely to explode or catch fire. They also offer much better life cycles, with many designs handling more than 2,000 charge and discharge cycles over the course of the batteries life.

The Anker 521 also uses an advanced thermal regulation system to ensure that the heat built up by using or charging the battery efficiently dissipates to prevent damage to the unit. The 521 also has premium battery management technology that ensures fast recharge times and prevents overloading and overheating of the battery.

Recharging Methods and Rates

One of the nice things about smaller designs like this one is that it doesn’t take very long to recharge the device. Anker designed this unit to be able to recharge using several different methods, and you can even combine methods to rapidly charge the power generator.

Using the included AC wall charger and the USB-C charger, the 521 takes only two and a half hours to fully recharge. Using just the wall charger, the 521 takes a little more than four hours to charge, similar to using optional solar panels. It’s compatible with solar panels up to 28 volts output. You can also recharge the 521 in your car or by using the USB-C charger in less than five hours.


  • Ideally suited for lightweight use when you need to recharge a camera or cell phone when off the grid
  • Excellent option for people who need something portable


  • Not powerful enough to rely on during emergencies when you’ll need to power appliances

Output Options

The Anker 521 provides the user with several options for powering devices. It has dual AC output ports that are capable of providing pure sine wave electricity for ensuring sensitive devices aren’t damaged. The 521 allows up to 200 watts of continuous power, enough to handle many small appliances.

The USB-C port allows rapid charging of compatible devices, while dual USB-A ports ensure that no matter what device you want to charge, you have access to it. The USB ports use the latest technology to ensure quick charging capabilities without damage to your favorite devices.

A single 12 volt port allows you to power 12v devices and is also available for recharging the unit. The combination of outputs makes this an ideal companion for weekend getaways or as a tool to ensure you always have your most important devices ready to go during emergencies when the power grid isn’t stable.

High-Visibility Display

Anker 521

The digital display is easy to read at a glance, even from across the room. It tells you how much power you’ve got left, how much you are using, and how long it will take to recharge. This is valuable information that you’ll need to know when using the Anker 521 and the display makes it a snap to monitor your power usage.


The Anker 521 power generator is an excellent choice for weekend adventures, fishing or hunting trips, and as an emergency power source for small devices. It is light enough to be easy to carry on hiking trips and it provides plenty of power for charging phones and other devices. There are very few downsides to this device and it makes a perfect companion for carrying in your car (>>> Check on Amazon).